A Sad, Sad Ghost Picking at the Hairs of their Knuckles

A wandering young woman explores the crevices of her apartment, of her corporeal creases, as well as the shadows made up of those things. Through her journey, she comes into contact with fellow vagrancies: a nondescript man of around similar age; a young girl with similar, even familiar, eyes; streets that can only exist during those brief moments of glazing stares. The rain comes and goes, but the A/C never turns off.

Directed, Written, Produced, & Edited by: Zachary Goldkind
Co-Written by: Becca Willow Moss
Starring: Becca Willow Moss, Ava Deuxberry, & Sebastien Clermont
Produced by: Luísa Cruz
Director of Photography: Hazel Lee
Original Music by: Tony Rosenberg
Gaffer: Ibrahim Issa
Key Grip: Mivan Makia
Location Sound: Robin Gruszczynski
1st AC: Aman Samra

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