In the Summer of 2017, I stumbled upon the Universal Spiritual Eclectic Fraternity, a small religious community 50km away from my hometown of Brasília, Brazil. I spent a few days in the City, which has curious elements of Christianity, Kardecist Spiritualism and Umbanda.

Still struck by its unique history and photogeneity, I returned in the end of 2018 for my thesis film.

The documentary follows Rodrigo, a young man raised in Eclectic City who has to confront the expectation of becoming a religious figure in the community. 

Director: Luísa Cruz

Cinematographer & Editor: Joel Rodriguez

Location Sound: Geovanna Belizze

Production & Stills: Vivi Morais

Production Assistants: Ian Nogueira + Yas Costa

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• Screened at Toronto Images Festival, 2023

• Screened at Cinesiege, Toronto, 2019 – Awarded Best Directing and Best Cinematography

• Screened at TFR: Hybrid Visions, Toronto, February 2020

• Official selection – BUEIFF Channel, 2020

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